Retreat with friends

Create a Retreat with friends

book a private retreat with your closest friends to recharge and make special memories.


Get away with your best friends on your very own bespoke retreat


Retreats are a chance to unplug from the everyday, spend valuable time on you, and with others, reconnecting, learning and leave feeling revived and ready to face the world again.

Retreats can be about pretty much anything these days. You may want to indulge in a new hobby, challenge yourself to do something new. Maybe you really need to hone in on a particular issue, like managing anxiety or stress or women’s health.  Business retreats are growing in popularity too, so you can return home with a solid plan success. The possibilities are endless.

How long is a retreat?

They tend to be across a few days, although they can be just one day long. Typically a retreat includes activities, workshops, materials, accommodation and food.

Who goes to retreats?

The answer to that is anyone. They aren’t just for fitness freaks or for wellness. A retreat can feed a passion, build a new confidence or skill covering everything from sewing to marketing plans.

Can I go on a retreat with people I know?

We know time is precious,  So we have created a retreat experience to share with your besties. Share a few days away doing the things you love, reconnecting with yourself and each other. Enjoy moments of growth in confidence together.  Relax, soak up time in nature and the hot tub, feast together , dance under the stars, laugh and return feeling nourished and closer than ever.

Restorative retreat


Escape to the Malvern Hills and restore your batteries! Gather your friends with you  for healing, reflecting and bonding.  Build new confidence in yourself and one another. Practicing the art of slowing down using yoga, meditation, nature bathing and sharing special moments together. Laugh. create, meditate and bond again during this unique time away from day to day life.

  • Enjoy some calm with group yoga
  • learn to meditate a little
  • Climb a hill together
  • Share stories of past and dreams for the future
  • Learn ways to support each other
  • Laugh, dance, feast
  • Bathe in the outdoors
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Channel your inner creative


Have you dreamt of indulging your passion for hobbying. Making or learning a new skill may be. If the great British Sewing Bee or Pottery Throw down has got your creative juices flowing, then a making retreat might be just what you are after.

Come to a space where you can make and create for a few days on retreat. Share wonderful moments with friends delving into new crafts, learning new skills and taking home a newfound confidence in your abilities.

  • Make your own screen printed fabric
  • Build your own mood-board for interior design
  • Play with clay
  • Re-purpose a piece of clothing
  • paint your first still life or landscape
  • Print your own fabric design
  • Play with clay
  • Design your own interior and mood board
  • Get arty with life drawing, or still life
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Need a new challenge?


Have you got stuck in a rut, is fear stopping you try the new, are you telling yourself you can’t rather than you can?  Then a retreat built around challenging your negative voice and building your inner confidence, is just what you need.

If you have dreamt of hiking a mountain, paddle boarding down a river, blasting down a hill on a mountain bike or zip wire, then this adrenalin hit will get you believing in yourself again.

Add a dose of yoga, a wild swim, along with feasting and a dip in the hot tub and you have the perfect retreat.

  • float downstream on a Paddleboard  with a bit of yoga too
  • Get off-road on a mountain bike
  • Climb that mountain
  • Immerse yourself in cold water for a buzz

What to expect


Our retreats with friends are usually across one or two days. Arrive to tea and cake. Enjoy an evening unwinding and sharing food, as well as your hopes for the days ahead. Later soak in the hot tub then retire to a warm cosy bed.

Awake to breakfast pastries, yoghurt and berries. Then into your first activity for the day, be it yoga, crafting, or a hike. Lunch will be either packed or back in your safari lodge.

Afternoon will be yet more activity & some time to yourself. The evening will be a group share, over a well earned feast and tipple, then you might want to let your hair down and dance the night away, before a dip and stories around the firepit, before you collapse into bed for a long sleep.

On your final day, you’ll awake to brekkie, a round up of activities, a quiet meditation and time to say your goodbyes.


Prices start from £260 p/p

based on 12 people, incl. stay, food, and activities