Run your own retreat

Run your own retreat

Run your own retreat


some of the basics on how to make your dream come true

Dreamt of running a retreat?

Perfect setting to share your knowledge, skills and treatments

If you love sharing your special skills and know you can help improve others  lives,  then a retreat setting is the perfect setting to engage with clients with more time, a safe space and together in a beautiful environment.

If you love delivering to groups, love the experience of helping others and have strong client following then retreats would be a great way to share your skills.

Who are your retreaters?

If you are looking to run a retreat the first thing you might ask is who is my audience? The most immediate attendees are your existing followers or clients. Yo know them best, what they are looking for, what they might pay to stay and the time they can commit to it.  This will help to form your retreat offering.

It’s important to be true to you, otherwise you won’t feel confident and comfortable about what you can offer.

Successful retreat basics

The right venue for you and your clients

Not all venues will suit all content. Upsticks are offering our space to those looking for a cosy, small select experience, which embraces nature.  The luxury is in having space outdoors, sharing a special place, sharing moments whilst also offering spaces to be alone.

Think about the message you’d like to portray with your retreat, and how it supports the sessions and content you offer. That includes everything from the food,  the session space and accommodation. Overall, the venue has to have a culture which is a good fit for you and your audience.

Length and timing of your retreat

Again think about your audience, are they time poor or do they have a budget that won’t stretch to a week in Bali? I’d recommend starting with shorter retreats say one or two nights to be sure you can get clients to commit easily. It will also make it more affordable.

Many people believe a weekend is a good time to run a retreat. However factor in that weekdays are usually cheaper at venues. They often have less demand for midweek stays, so you can bag a bargain.

The height of the holiday season, bank holidays or school holidays will push the price up and it will probably be harder for your clients to commit to time away during this period.

Family, children and other factors often trump ‘me time’ for many. So, a night or two away midweek, might seem harder to organise for your clients, but they are more likely to commit to it, as there’s less to compete with that time.

How much should I charge for my retreat?

The price of your retreat will be made up of venue cost ~ which may include some or all food and beverages. Plus the cost of any materials you need then of course your own costs relating to your time and content, plus other provider, teachers, practitioners or retreat leaders. It is always a good idea to survey your own followers to see what they would invest in a retreat.

At Upsticks our prices include all accommodation, hot tubs, electricity, wood and a food package. For your retreat you may want to upgrade certain meals and activities on site or add off site activities to shape their retreat.

  • Choose the right venue for your content
  • Survey your clients about retreats
  • low season and mid-weeks are more cost effective
  • Start with a shorter retreat

Compelling outcomes for your retreat

Creating compelling reasons for people to attend your retreat is critical to get your clients buy in. Being able to describe the positive outcome will be a powerful persuasive tool in gaining the commitment from your audience to attend your retreat.

Often the most positive outcomes that come from attending a retreat are not easily quantifiable. Creating a more specific, quantifiable outcome and wrapping other benefits around will send the message that your retreat will reap many positives.

Why do your clients want to attend?

We all recognise it is tough to take time for ourselves. There are always competing interests in our lives as parents, carers, business owners, work, partners, we all have plenty that draws on our time. In order to help your customers,  give them reasons to attend. Help them with  planning time away from the everyday. Finally reduce the barriers to attending.

Many people will have fears and anxieties about trying retreat, so addressing those early is crucial to ensure they attend.

As part of the Upsticks offering we understand that information is key to making you and your clients feel at ease. So we’ll provide all the FAQ’s asked and address any special needs before you arrive.

What does a retreat day look like at Upsticks

This is what Upsticks offers as a basic package for a retreat, based on 12 people sharing the accommodation

Arrival and settling in

We’ll show all the guests to their accommodation. Wee have 3 safari tent lodges, each with 3 bedroom areas. Your clients will be shown to their tent and bedroom and around the site ~ as well as how to light fires, using the hot tub, bathroom and they can settle in with a police of welcome cake, or a glass of wine from the fridge.

You may be kicking off with a calming activity, or  writing of goals or just allowing time for   retreaters to get to know one another.  People tend to be at their most stressed and nervous at the start, as will you I’m sure. So, the aim is to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

Upsticks can also serve tea, cake or drinks & nibbles in the ‘shack’ for arrival as well as the welcome cake in the tents.


First night Dinner

Sharing food, stories and getting to know one another is a good way to get everyone to relax.  Upsticks hosts a feast, so everyone sits together and shares food at long tables. These are usual simple affairs of wood-fired pizza, salads, BBQ or Paella.

Guests may want to relax and use the facilities. Upsticks has hot tubs, which are lit ready for people to have a soak on their first evening, or they may choose to gather around the fire pits and share stories or just star watch.

Electric blankets and wood-burners are lit in the safari lodges so guests get to retire to a warm cosy space.

Accommodation and retreat space includes

  • 3 safari tents each with 3 bedrooms (Double / Twins
  • Private bathroom per tent
  • Breakfast ~ pastries, berries and yoghurt in the lodges
  • Lunch      ~ Buffet lunch or packed lunch if activities are off site
  • Dinner     ~ feast on wood-fired pizzas, BBQ, Greek souvlaki, Paella
  • Evening   ~ Dance with the silent disco /Gather round fire pits 
  • Hot tubs  ~ Soak in one of 3 wood-fired hot tubs

The Nook retreat space

The nook is our retreat space, an 8 metre square stretch tent  has all you need set up in the space. From tables and electrics, seating and lighting. It is big enough for 12 doing yoga, or meditation.

The outdoor kitchen and bar is in the next door ‘shack’. As well as an individual treatment room.

The space can be re-arranged to meet your content needs from classroom, to relaxed floor cushions to creative workshops and dining at long tables.

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