Glamping star gazing

The communal Shack

Stargazing – Time to look up

Looking up is something we often forget to do, yet star gazing can be one of the most magical experiences to share with family and loved ones. Stargazing offers us a window on a universe and it helps us get life into perspective,  and it’s the perfect antidote to our worries.

The night sky has caught our imaginations for centuries, from navigation by stars to divination and forecasting for people through astrology, stars just keep fascinating us.

There is a whole new world to discover above our heads a world to appreciate and explore. So when better to start than in the dark nights in the pastures of Worcestershire. Glamping at Upsticks offers the space and time outdoors to enjoy stars, whether lying on the grass or just wallowing in your own personal hot tub for spotting your star sign, or the Milky Way, or the space station passing overhead!

What you need to Stargaze

In your lodge you’ll find a star chart to help, you don’t need a telescope – but there is one in The shack which you are free to use.

There are so many spots to enjoy the night sky – and when glamping you get the chance to spend more time outdoors and see the things that we don’t notice when living in four walls. There are some wonderful spots on the top of hills in the Malvern’s to enjoy night skies as well as on site or just soaking in the hot tub.

Our tents face South East, so you not only get the sun rise to warm your tent in the morning you get the moon rise too. During summer months the moon can appear huge in the sky as it rises above the shack in the corner of the field, and glampers get the best view from their tents.

Best Star gazing tips

  • Best choose a night when the moon is new or in its first quarter.  Here is a handy timetable of moon times.
  • Turn off all outside lights near your tent – if you’re in the hot tub – turn the lights off. Alternatively grab a blanket, some cushions and a torch from the tent and take yourself off to the other side of the farm and snuggle down to star watch.
  • You will find a pair of binoculars you can use – but you can just use your eyes.
  • Allow your eyes to come accustomed to the dark – its amazing what you’ll start to pick out.
  • Moving lights are likely satellites, but if you are lucky you may see a shooting star in the form of a meteor.
  • visit Nasa, for tracking the space station, it comes around every 90 minutes or so
  • There are also some handy Apps like Night Sky or Star Walk which you can use to navigate the stars.

Star gazing is a great way to spend a night without screens.  Kids love picking out creatures in the pattern of star signs or tracking satellites. Night skies are the ultimate in romance. and making special memories. Dream, wonder and love the precious time together without distraction – apart from the odd shooting star of course.